Healthy Communities Touts Successes at Annual Dinner

Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition held their annual dinner April 20 at Arborwood and gave a report to the public on the status of the organization and all the things it is associated with. HCCCC Executive Director Carol Price said she was pleased with the evening, especially with the guest speaker Indiana State Health Director Dr. Jerome Adams.

“I think Dr. Adams is a very good speaker and he speaks to kind of just normal people,” said Price. “He talks about what’s really going on in our county and in our state. He really understands the causes behind what’s happening.”

Price added its was beneficial for those in attendance to hear things from a different prospective.

“I think we’re all use to the hometown things that are happening,” said Price. “When an outsider comes in and makes that a substantial thing you’re doing, then local people go ‘maybe that was important. Maybe other counties don’t have what we have.’”

Adams said he was impressed with what Clinton County is doing on the health front.

“I think Clinton County is much further along than what you would expect for a community of this size, particularly a rural community like this in regards to the commitment to health,” said Adams. “When you look at the obesity rates and the smoking rates, there is a lot of improvement to be made. But, they are a lot better than what I expected and I think that’s a testament to the partnerships they have going on here.”

Adams also Clinton County and the state must improve its standing on teenage pregnancies and smoking.

“One thing that should be important to the community is the high pregnant smoking rates that exist within the county,” said Adams. “Indiana’s pregnant non-smoking rates is twice the national average and Clinton County’s is higher than the national average.”

Clinton County Health Officer Dr. Steve Tharp said there are several things that Clinton County is doing a lot better and those within the county have paid attention to some of the lifestyle needs that need to be looked at.

“The build environment that we have within the community is one of the most important things we can do to make Clinton County and Frankfort attractive to employers, attractive to people who want to live here and bring those people in and help our economy,” said Tharp.

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