Cost to Fix Clinton County Courthouse Not as Much as First Thought

The Clinton County Commissioners heard a report Monday from American Structure Point on what it would cost to fix all the problems in the Clinton County Courthouse. As it turned out, the cost was not as much as first thought.

“I had thoughts that we were going to have a million dollar bill on some of the things that I thought needed to be fixed in the courthouse,” said Commissioners President Scott Shoemaker, who added he was amazed that the bill was only $235,000. “We have a lot more money now to do some remodeling and updates to the building. To see that the structure is great and we don’t have to spend a ton of money on fixing those kinds of things is good for us.”

A breakdown of the bill is as follows: concrete and sign maintenance repairs ($8,000), semicircular asphalt drive ($25,000), missing roof supports ($2,000), exterior and facade repairs ($65,000), roof maintenance repairs ($20,000), interior finishes ($20,000), ADA upgrades ($90,000) and other estimated costs ($5,000).

Shoemaker said that bill will be less because they are not going to repair the drive at the north entrance of the courthouse. He said that is a safety issue and nobody should just be able to drive up that close to the facility.

Shoemaker said the next step would be to prioritize what they want done, approach the Clinton County Council for the finances and also improve and remodel the Commissioners’ public meeting area.

The Commissioners also heard a report from Environmental Manager Todd Hamilton of Republic Services, who is in charge of the Clinton County Landfill. Hamilton told the Commissioners it would be at least August before they could move their operations across the road to the east side. Hamilton said they lost at least two weeks due to the weather.

In other news, 76 people wearing red shirts staged a silent protest in the hallway outside the Commissioners’ meeting room opposing the building of wind farms in Clinton County. Elizabeth Landis, spokesperson for the group, said they were appreciative of the Commissioners’ stance on wind farms and asked the moratorium that is currently in place to continue through 2018, if possible.