Burns Announces Her Retirement From Community Foundation

Community Foundation President Hilda Burns has announced her retirement at the end of the current year after 23 years with the organization.

Burns said the past 20-plus years, she has had the opportunity to work with donors, staff of not-for-profit and organizations, board members, committee members, volunteers and community leaders in an effort to make their communities a better place now and for the future.

Last year, Burns said she told the Board of Directors her intent to retire as President of the Community Foundation in December 2017. She said this was a bittersweet moment. She added during the past year, Greg Aaron was hired as an Executive Vice President and she has had the opportunity to work with the Board Chairman to prepare for a smooth transition. On July 1, Burns will step down as the President and will work as President Emeritus (adviser) through the end of 2017.

“Working for your Community Foundation has been a privilege and an honor,” said Burns. “When I began working for the Foundation, it had total assets of $500,000 in 18 funds in Howard County. In 1996 and 1997, the Clinton County Community Foundation and Carroll County Community Foundation were established as affiliate Foundations. We now have more than 450 funds and assets of $63.5 million.”

Burns added the Foundation has grown to be a respected community organization. Their donors have deep trust and faith in the Foundation. According to Burns, it is because of this trust, the Foundation has found so much success.

Burns said another key factor in the success of the Foundation is having efficient, well organized, professional and caring staff members. She says she has confidence with Greg Aaron as the incoming President, Kim Abney, Vice President for Programs; Jane Williams, Communications Director and Program Officer; Sherry Hayes, Finance Administrator; and LaCinda Chapman, Secretary that the future will bring new growth and continued commitment to building an even better community.