Clinton Central Education Foundation Seeking Funds for Students

The Clinton Central Education Foundation utilizes money from our annual fundraiser for our children. These grant have been used for a wide range of purposes, including field trips, guest speakers, learning apps for school iPads, and other materials used for teaching aides, the school corporation is unable to provide our children. Currently over 50 percent of our students are on Free and Reduced lunch, in some cases this means they are also unable to pay for field trips, clothing and school supplies.

Donation in most cases will be tax deductible. We have set some lofty goals for the fundraiser and we need in order to achieve it. Our goal for the fundraiser is $15,000.

We are looking forward to any support you can provide to us. Please make your contribution to the Clinton Central Education Foundation.

Also, the Clinton Central Education Foundation will be hosting our 7th Annual Clinton Central Golf Outing at the Commons Golf Course in Frankfort on Friday, June 2, at 9 a.m.