Frankfort Jaycees Launch Safe 23 Minute Display

20 Frankfort Jaycees put on a safe and popular 23 minute fireworks display Tuesday night.  The show started about 10:14 and lasted 23 minutes.

A light easterly wind and waxing gibbous moon with no rain made for a beautiful night.  The 23 minute display cost about $14,000 and would have been a $20,000 display if the Jaycees did not have the expertise to shoot it themselves.

Bobby Beam was lead operator this year and Chris McBarnes lit the first shell and finally bank.  WILO 96.9 FM and WILO 1570 AM carried interviews from “Ground Zero” and played music to accompany the display.

We will post videos and pictures of the special day in TPA park by Erick Dircks, Patty Keaton Parks, Reggie Morgan and others soon.

Video below shows what the action looked like from “Ground Zero” at TPA park.