Clinton County to Receive More Than $65 Million from Governor’s Five-Year Road Plan

Clinton County is going to be receiving $65,895,281 from the State of Indiana under Governor Eric Holcomb’s Next Level Indiana 5-Year Road Construction Plan announced last week.

The plan calls for 221 lane miles to be resurfaced and five bridges to rehabilitated or replaced. The investment breakdown by year is $903,000 in 2018; $28,029,287 in 2019, $22,831,473 in 2020; 0 in 2021; and $14,131,521 in 2022.

“Our regular budgets will increase approximately a million dollars and maybe a little more than that,” said Clinton County Highway Superintendent. “All of that money will go back into the roads in one form or another through either maintenance, we could do some additional paving or possibly some conversion of gravel roads. It’s a big thing for Clinton County.”

Myers added next year will be a busy year for the Highway Department, especially if they are able to land the Community Crossings Grant which could add another $1.3 million into road paving and projects.

In announcing this program, Holcomb said Indiana truly is the crossroads of America as the Hoosier State is within a day’s drive of more than 50 percent of the populations in the U.S. and Canada. Indiana also is home to more pass through highways than any other state in the U.S.

Holcomb added Indiana cities, towns and counties benefit from an additional $342 million annually for local roads by 2024.