Commissioners to Meet With INDOT Officials Over Possible Relocation of County Road 800

County officials are going to meeting with Indiana Department of Transportation officials later this week to discuss a possible relocation of County Road 800 West.

“The state is getting ready to do a lot of work on (Interstate) 65,” said Clinton County Commissioners President Scott Shoemaker Monday morning. “In a few years, I believe they’re wanting to take that overpass that’s going over the old train tracks out there just north of interchange and fill that in. By doing that, it’s going to cut some access off which means they may want to move the county road out there which is 800.”

Shoemaker said he and Clinton County Highway Superintendent Kevin Myers are scheduled to meet with INDOT officials on Thursday to see what they have in mind. Officials also want to make sure this plan does not affect economic development plans they have for that area.

County Road 800 West is currently home to M&K Trucking. Two other businesses — Wilson Trailers and Performance Ag — both announced plans last week to build new businesses in that area on the same road.

In other news, the Commissioners tabled approving the 2018 holiday schedule due to questions raised about elections.

“Historically, the Commissioners have wanted to the courthouse to be a voting center,” said Shoemaker. “That didn’t happen last year. We feel like if the courthouse is going to be closed with nothing going on, we think the Courthouse should be open on that day for regular business.”

Shoemaker said he attended the Clinton County & 4-H Fair last week and said he was impressed with what was going on. He added he is hoping for a final report on the fair early next month.