Council Getting Close to Decision on Police Station

The Frankfort City Council moved closer to rolling out its plan for the renovation of the current Frankfort Police Department Monday night.

The current price tag for the project is almost $7.5 million which includes all associated fees.The project by itself is between $6.8 million and $6.9 million.

“We are looking to the Public LOIT Safety Tax that the county just increased this past summer to take care of these rehabilitation costs,” said Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes. “We’re looking at rehabbing the current police department and adding on approximately 12,000 feet to the south of the building.”

McBarnes said “our police officers simply can’t provide 21st century policing to our community in the building they are in.” He added there are issues with security, HVAC, I.T. and special needs as well as not being able to store evidence properly.

In other news, the council will be facing in a deficit in its general fund next year due to a huge increase in insurance claims this year. McBarnes said the deficit will be about $350,000 due to the additional $400,000 for insurance. He did say all other funds are in good shape and the city is very much in the positive with its finances.

The council approved a statement of benefits and confirming designation of an economic revitalization area for the proposed Ellipsis Frankfort Medical Office, LLC, which will be located on State Road 28 East directly across the street from the Frankfort Walmart. They also approved a statement of benefits and confirming designation as an eligible vacant building and economic revitalization area to help clean up the former R&A Plastics Recycling Company which suffered a huge fire about three years ago.