Renovations Continuing on Downtown Buildings

The Frankfort City Council passed three declaratory resolutions Monday night regarding building renovations being done by Dr. Jill Snyder in the southwest part of downtown Frankfort.

“I think we’re seeing a renaissance in downtown Frankfort right now,” said Mayor Chris McBarnes. “I want to thank Dr. Snyder for her major financial commitment north of $1 million in the southwest corner of our downtown.”

The three buildings Snyder is working on are the second floors of 6 and 8 South Main Street above Bridy’s Bakery and the Center Township Trustee Building, the building at 2 South Main Street and the former United Way building at 51 West Clinton Street.

Snyder is hoping to put apartments above Bridy’s and the Center Township office, some apartments and/or professional offices or retail at 2 South Main and turning the old United Way building into an event center on the main level and adding some 8 to 11 hotel rooms on the second floor of the building which is currently vacant.

McBarnes said there is a definite push for apartment living in downtown Frankfort. McBarnes added that Snyder was considering these renovations even before the Nickle Plate Apartment complex was in the works.

Snyder’s representatives have asked the city council for a seven-year tax abatement on the properties after previously wanting 10 years. The biggest concern voiced by council members on the request is setting a precedent for future developers and property owners wanting to do some of the same things.

McBarnes said there will be a public hearing on the matter at the council’s next meeting on January 22 and then a confirmatory resolution will be voted on.

“Life is coming back to downtown Frankfort in a way that probably hasn’t been there for the past 30 or 40 years,” said McBarnes. “We’re also bringing back to life to the second stories.”

McBarnes added this is all part of the downtown revitalization plan.