Shoup Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Denny Shoup holds his Lifetime Achievement Award from Clinton Central.

Denny Shoup and members of his family pose for a photo opportunity following his receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Clinton Central High School honored Denny Shoup with a Lifetime Achievement Award on Friday night during halftime of the boys’ basketball game between Clinton Central and Rossville. He coaches the eighth-grade basketball team that was introduced at halftime. The following is the presentation made to Shoup.

“On this day, January 19, 2018, we would like to thank you, Denny Shoup, for your hard work and dedication to Clinton Central and to our community. You have often expressed how much Clinton Central has done for you.  Over the years you have done so much in return. Your dedication to our school helps define the community we live in.

Your athletic career began at Michigantown Elementary and High School, under the watchful eye of Coach Wilbur Rule. Then, Michigantown Schools were consolidated into Clinton Central in 1960, your junior year. As a student athlete in 1960, you were a leader and helped bond your peers and teammates during the difficult consolidation of several small, local schools.

You emerged as a standout athlete at Clinton Central, earning Letters in football, baseball, track and basketball. You played in the first game ever on this court 58 years ago. You and your teammates helped our school earn its first ever basketball Sectional title in 1960 under the direction of Coach Andy Taft. Your athletic efforts culminated with a Division I basketball scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tulane competed in the historic Southeastern Conference and you had the opportunity to face teams like Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and LSU. You played in games against legendary Kentucky Coach Adolph Rupp. You traveled around the country playing the game you loved and took in so many wonderful experiences.

In many ways, Tulane was a long, long way from Michigantown. While in New Orleans, a hotbed of 1960s racial tension and Civil Rights movement in the south, you experienced a world much different than Clinton County. As a teenager, you saw all of this first-hand and it shaped the person you are today.

In 1961, you married Marilyn Borders and took her to New Orleans. Marilyn was a Forest girl who always loved and supported you while you were on this great adventure. She is still by your side as your life partner for the past 54 years.

After returning home, you continued your dedication to our school through your participation as a school board member. You were a 3 terms board member from 1972-1984, and President from 1973-1975.

You and Marilyn raised three children, Mike, John and Stacy, all Clinton Central graduates and active student athletes.

As a local real estate developer and property owner, your projects changed the face of many properties in our community. Most all of the properties are in the Clinton Central School district. Your efforts and assistance have helped many families better themselves and move in or stay in our local community.

You have been a mentor to 100’s of athletes and coaches in our school over the years. Whether organizing and playing a pick-up basketball game, giving your time coaching elementary, junior high or summer basketball teams or watching and supporting all the sports here at Clinton Central  –  your passion for helping kids and the value of athletic competition has always shown clear.

Lastly, we appreciate your dedication to save and develop your old school at Michigantown, the Michigantown Gander Community Center. Because of the work of so many volunteers, the facility has become a wonderful place for all of us to use, enjoy and remember all of the history that occurred there.

Denny – We cannot thank you enough for your continued efforts here at Clinton Central. We appreciate all that you do to make our school and community better.

Over the years, you have shown us how to be successful through your …HARD WORK, HANDSHAKES, AND DEDICATION.

This award is presented to Denny Shoup for his continued service to our school and committee, recognized by our Athletic Booster Club, and the Athletic Department here at Clinton Central.