Executive Sessions Fail to End Personnel Matter for Council

The Frankfort City Council has been meeting in executive sessions since last October trying to resolve an issue of alleged misconduct of a person whom the governing body has control and to discuss, prior to determination, that individual’s status as an employee.

That matter was brought up in Monday night’s council meeting with the situation remaining unresolved after a pair of motions were made to try and end the matter.

“That is completely a council issue and I’m not going to comment on that,” said Mayor Chris McBarnes.

Councilman Lewis Wheeler made a motion to have all allegations dismissed and basically end the issue. His motion was seconded by councilman Eric Woods. However, that motion was voted down 5-2 with Wheeler and Woods being the only council members in favor of that action.

Councilman Jim Moyer then made a motion for a special meeting to be held on February 26 at 6 p.m. to continue the matter. It was approved by the same 5-2 vote with Wheeler and Woods voting ‘nay.’

In other news, McBarnes talked about the financial status of the city ahead of his State of the City address coming up March 1. McBarnes added that he wanted to give those in attendance a feel for where the city stands financially and how they were going to move forward with downtown revitalization plans such as Prairie Creek Park.

“Prairie Creek Park is going to be a partnership between public dollars and private dollars,” said McBarnes. “I think we will have fund-raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $575,000 from the private sector. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind amenity in Frankfort and it’s going to completely change the face of our downtown.”

McBarnes also said he is having Dr. John Frompton from Texas A&M University come to Frankfort and talk to the community about the benefit of parks and recreation on March 7. He will also be at a special board meeting on March 8. McBarnes said Frompton will show how parks and recreation can provide an economic boom, reduce taxes as well as increase and raise property values.

Frankfort Police Chief Troy Bacon gave a public safety update. He said his department had 92 applications for two openings. Bacon added five candidates have made into the background phase of the hiring process and said the individuals, including one female, are from Frankfort, Kokomo, Indianapolis, Bloomington and Bringhurst.

The council also approved by a 6-1 vote the second reading of the panhandling ordinance. It is expected to be approved at the next council meeting.