State, Local Law Enforcement Officials Update Delphi Murders

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter, far right, talks to a group of law enforcement personnel after the press conference.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter walks back on the Monon High Bridge Trail where Abigail Williams and Liberty German were murdered a year ago.

Indiana State Police officials, along with local law enforcement officers, gave an update Tuesday afternoon on the unsolved case of the murders of Delphi teenagers Abigail Williams and Liberty German on the Monon High Bridge Trail one year ago in Delphi.

“I just hope one day I can look into the eyes of the murderer and ask him why,” said Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. “I believe we will.”

The murders happened one year ago and no arrest has been made despite over 30,000 tips and an artist’s sketch of the suspected murderer as well as an audio clip. Carter believes they one just one phone call away from solving the case.

“We cannot allow, we cannot allow evil to prevail,” said Carter. “Our world is completely out of balance.”

Media members gather prior to the press conference at the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi.

Tuesday’s press conference was held at the entrance of the trail where Abby and Libby began their final journey. Their bodies were later found less than a mile from the bridge.

“People have often times asked me, ‘Why is this so personal to you?’ It’s personal to me because those two young girls were everybody’s daughter,” said Carter. “This beautiful place that represents the very best of humanity and look what happened.”

When asked what individuals or other communities could do to help authorities, Carter replied “Just continue to push this out to people. A lot of people think because there’s one or two names out there and the ‘face and description’ of the individual, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We need folks to keep pushing it out there.”

Carter said someone knows who this person is. Police said they weren’t releasing any more audio or video,. They believe they can catch the killer with this grainy photo of a man on the bridge and with the audio.

Carter added for right now they are ruling out Daniel Nations as the person responsible for the deaths.

“I refuse to accept evil as a standard bearer,” said Carter. “We’ll be here until the end. It’s not about the time or money that we’ve spent. It’s about getting the case solved.”