Car Traveling 99 Miles Per Hour Led to Arrests of Kokomo Pair

At approximately 2:25 a.m. Friday, a traffic stop by Indiana State Trooper Jon Cole led to the arrests of Michael Jones, 35 and Rebecca Myers, 27, both from Kokomo. The pair was incarcerated in the Miami County Jail to face criminal charges for possession of a handgun without a permit, possession of marijuana, and criminal recklessness. Jones faces additional charges for reckless driving and driving without ever having an operator’s license.

This morning, Trooper Cole initiated a traffic stop on a 2003 Ford Mustang, which he clocked with radar, allegedly traveling 99 miles per hour in a posted 60 miles per hour zone, on southbound U.S. 31 near Miami County Road 900 South. As Trooper Cole was catching up to the Mustang, the driver identified as Jones, pulled into the nearby Maple Lawn Village Trailer Park. This was an alleged effort to elude Trooper Cole. Jones failed and Cole caught up to the Mustang which Jones stopped. As Trooper Cole spoke with Jones, he noticed indicators that criminal activity might be afoot and called for Trooper Caleb Clark, and his police dog Blitz, to assist. Trooper Clark walked Blitz around the Mustang conducting a free air sniff of the car. Blitz indicated there were allegedly illegal narcotics inside the vehicle.

During a subsequent search of the Mustang, officers allegedly found $3,354 in United States currency and 28 grams of suspected marijuana. Further investigation revealed the pair had allegedly thrown a Taurus nine millimeter handgun out of the vehicle. The troopers were able to retrieve the gun, which had a full magazine and a bullet in the chamber, from a nearby yard.

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