Remedies Recommended for ‘Sad State’ of NCAA Basketball

Inside INdiana Business is reporting the chair of an outside commission has detailed a series of recommendations designed to help clean up NCAA men’s basketball. Wednesday in Indianapolis, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice summarized a report that focused on four elements the commission said need to be addressed to right long-term issues that have led to high-profile federal investigations into fraud and corruption allegations. Specific targets include ending the “one-and-done” era, where top athletes play one year in college before skipping to the professional level.

During a presentation, Rice characterized college basketball’s current existence as being in a “sad state.” She added the issues it faces “did not appear overnight and will not be repaired quickly.” The commission, Rice said was focused on strengthening “the college model,” which centers on the value of athletes receiving a college education through scholarships. She says the recommendations do not include elements of professionalism.

The commission’s work began in October when Rice was named to lead to the charge. The more than 50-page reports says “the levels of corruption and deception are now at a point that they threaten the very survival of the college game as we know it.” Recommendations fall under headings that include:

  1. Realistic Pathways for Student-Athlete Success
  2. Establish Professional Neutral Investigation and Adjudication of Serious Infractions and Hold Institutions and Individuals Accountable
  3. Mitigating Non-Scholastic Basketball’s Harmful Influence on College Basketball
  4. Add A Significant Cadre of Public Members To The NCAA’s Board of Governors

The report detailed recommendations at all levels related to the sport: the NCAA and its member institutions, athletic directors, school administrators, players, coaches and outside influencers such as agents, apparel companies and non-scholastic sports entities. Rice says through each step of the investigation, “everyone knew what was going on,” yet accountability was not sufficient.

In response, NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement that reads:

The NCAA appreciates the thorough review and comprehensive work by the Commission on College Basketball. The Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors will now review the independent commission’s recommendations to determine the appropriate next steps.

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