Wheeler Farms Planning Massive Westfield Development

Inside INdiana Business is reporting that a major development in Westfield is in the works. Wheeler Farms LLC has filed documents with the city requesting a rezoning of more than 320 acres that could be used for a variety of purposes, including residential, industrial and educational.

The land is currently zoned for agriculture and single-family rural development, as well as enclosed industrial. Wheeler Farms has not disclosed an estimated cost for the proposed development or a timeline for when it could be completed.

According to documents filed with the city, the rezoning would create the Wheeler Landing Planned Unit Development District. The district would be separated into four areas that could be used for different types of development. They include:

  • Area I: Multi-Family Dwelling, Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home, Hospice, Bed and Breakfast and Educational Institution with dormitory accommodations
  • Area II: Agricultural use and public or private parks
  • Area III: Same as Area I, but also with a gasoline service station
  • Area IV: Engineering, research and testing laboratories, Retail Special Handling, Veterinary Hospital large animal, Kennel, Industry light, Industry medium, Self Storage Facility, Warehousing and distribution operations, Wholesalers, Educational Institutions with dormitory accommodations, Wireless Communication facilities and Airport.

Wheeler says the development could also include a number of multi-story parking garages. The rezoning request says the property falls within several parts of the Westfield-Washington Township Comprehensive Plan, including employment corridor, business park, and new suburban land use areas.

A portion of the land will be used for the recently-announced $35 million YMCA branch and natatorium.

The rezoning request is being considered by the Westfield Area Plan Commission, which meets next June 4.

  1 comment for “Wheeler Farms Planning Massive Westfield Development

  1. Jason Brock
    May 16, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Awesome….no one seems to be concerned about “Urban Sprawl”. They are all just concerned that coyotes are in their yards as Indianapolis grows and sprawls into the farm land and wooded areas. Lets start building on the asphalt and cement that is already covering most of the land, and stop ruining farmland and woodlands. It is getting to the point of: if you want to be in a rural area, you have to go to a state park and pay for it while thousands of other people are crowded there with you!!! STOP URBAN SPRAWL!!!

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