Nickel Plate Flats Apartment Complex Has Successful Opening

City and county leaders celebrate after the ribbon cutting that officially opened Nickel Plate Flats in downtown Frankfort.

This is a view on the rooftop terrace of the new Nickel Plate Flats apartment complex in downtown Frankfort.

There had been much hoopla and excitement surrounding the opening of the new Nickel Plate Flats apartment complex in downtown Frankfort. And, from everyone’s perspective as well as the comments made, the new amenity on a former vacant corner on the corner of Jackson and Washington streets was a rousing success.

“This is a new day,” said Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes. “This is an amenity that we’ve never had before. I think it’s going to pay off in spades. We’re letting people experience something they’ve never had in Frankfort before. We’re rolling. It feels good.”

McBarnes was among several city and county leaders who cut the ribbon on the new $7.2 million project, which is a 60,000 square foot, four story complex that offers 11 studio apartments, 43 one-bedrooms, 18 two-bedrooms and two executive suites. Included in the mix is a pair of airbnb style apartments.

This is a look at downtown Frankfort for the rooftop terrace on the top level of the new Nickel Plate Flats apartment complex.

This is one of the paintings located in the new Nickel Alley, which is located between Nickel Plate Flats and ACCS.

Amenities include granite countertops, Energy Star stainless steel appliances, vinyl plank flooring, modern lighting, ceiling fans, washers/dryers, walk-in closets, on-site parking, housekeeping, 24-hour maintenance, courtyard space, lobby space with an Internet bar, individual balconies along with some other special amenities.

“I’m pleased for the community,” said Iron Men Properties Developer Joe Blake, who along with partner Mike Sandry were the brainchilds behind this project. “This is an amazing breakthrough for the community. It’s awesome.”

Blake added this project was made possible by the leadership of local government.

“The support for a project like this helps move the downtown forward,” said Blake. “Having more people living in your downtown, walking the streets of downtown enjoying the restaurants. That’s what this is all about.”

Clinton County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Shan Sheridan said it has been a long time since a facility like this has been built.

“It is a huge mental attitude boost,” said Sheridan. “There has not been a new apartment building, multi-family, built in 27 years. That’s almost three decades. It’s a generation. I think this is just the beginning.”

Clinton County Council President Alan Dunn said the addition of Nickel Plate Flats adds to the new beginning in downtown Frankfort with building such as CVS, Ivy Tech, Iron Block in the past few years, with another new project, Prairie Creek Park, looming on the horizon.

“Year by year, we’re fundamentally changing the community and it’s exciting,” said Dunn.

Blake said he thought the coolest parts of the building is the rooftop terrace as well as Nickel Alley, which is located between the apartment and ACCS.

“I hope people just hang out in the alley,” said Blake. “It’s that cool.”

Rents range from $575 to $1,395 per month with both 12-month and shorter-term leases available. Call 765-605-1245 or email Iron Men Properties Director of Operations Mandy Bunch at to schedule an appointment or visit for more information.



  3 comments for “Nickel Plate Flats Apartment Complex Has Successful Opening

  1. June 10, 2018 at 12:46 am

    yes mayor we are rolling sure enough ,right down the gloomy path marked bankruptcy! Note alan dunns excitement as he touts the 4.5 million dollar playzone going in next to autozone, wow, why couldn’t we have maybe used the old riley school site for a new recreation area, it does cover a entire city block! We think the people of Frankfort are starting to take notice of the huge financial debt we are continually racking up, who is going to foot the bill? time to vote these people out!Untold multiple millions of dollars being spent on various new projects in Frankfort without any regard to the fact our population has decreased by over 500 residents from 2010 to date, check it out yourselves! with these numbers in mind , why praytell, do we need these enormous expenditures like, a huge new city police compound ? Is the building their in still in good shape? If not, lets paint it or fix it! Just a thought. Why with a decreasing population, do we need to double our water and sewage capabilities? Just wondering. How in the name of common sense can a struggling little town afford to put in a whopping 4.5 million dollar play station by prairie creek when we have what,8 parks already? Folks we simply cant, Oh yes, we can secure the bonds or loans with a promise that our children will pay the bill , are w e all ok with taking out these huge loans knowing its the kids that will have to deal with it? I’m not! No Mr. dunn, Mr. Mcbarnes we don’t like the idea of you encumbering our kids and grandkids with this debt! STOP IT! Until we as Frankfort citizens can get you out of office. Folks, take a long look at are elected officials cheering in the picture, Oh yes its nice to have a new building but like Ivy tech, does it really belong on the HISTORIC downtown square? And exactly how much taxpayer money was spent ? Or deals on property like the old shores bowling alley? Or this new multi-million dollar kidszone ? Was that part of a deal? Just wondering. lots of questions ,yet so few answers, our good mayor and other elected officials always have the same talking points when ask, “it aint costing a dime of taxpayer money” if that’s true, I mean really true, man your the best! But sadly we all know the stark reality don’t we? there always comes a day of reckoning , the bills eventually come in, what are we goin to do? God help us, we sure cant help ourselves! paul barnes

  2. Jan Kersey
    June 10, 2018 at 11:13 am

    I have to say progress is GOOD. If we don’t keep up and constantly improve we’ll fall farther and farther behind. Thanks to Mayor McBarnes and Mr Dunn plus others who want to take the risk and keep moving FORWARD. MAY OUR CITY OF FRANKFORT continue the uphill climb and grow.

  3. June 12, 2018 at 8:28 am

    is it ” GOOD “, or really “PROGRESS” to run up this kind of debt with no way to pay it back? We have to ask is it really moving “FOWARD” to dig ones self into a financial hole ,not only for your self , but for your friends and neighbors , fellow citizens ? Yes I agree mayor mcbarnes and other elected CITY officials deserve all the credit remember that clearly when voting . We need conservative officials and leaders in these public positions , whom we can trust to move our community forward without putting us in tremendous financial risk , for the sake of our children and grandchildren . These enormous bonds and loans against our future are a travesty , with no possible way to pay them off, untold millions of dollars in debt ran up in the last 7 yrs, while Frankfort experiences a ever shrinking population, is that PROGRESS ? Is that GOOD ? Friends please give it some serious thought when voting , do we need or want more of the same uncontrolled spending we have going on now? Then flush em all out the career politicians in city government and lets vote for a change , if not for yourseves , then for our kids and grandkids , they have too much to pay for now ! JUST A THOUGHT ! God give us wisdom and grace we pray ! paul barnes,

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