Prairie Creek Park Design Starting To Crystallize

Landscape Architects Randell Ernstberger Associates, LLC are starting to “zero in” on the design for the new downtown Prairie Creek Park going in across from Nickle Plate Flats in downtown Frankfort.

Principal Architect Cecil Penland, PLA and Landscape Architect Sami Bronowski gave a conceptual 3-D rendering presentation to the Frankfort Rotary Club Thursday at Arborwood.

Here is a brief example of the 3-D design rendering presented at the Frankfort Rotary Club Thursday July 5th.

Prairie Creek Park Rendering as of July 5, 2018.

Prairie Creek Park will be located near the corner of Jackson and Washington Streets. Prairie Creek Park is designed to be a key feature of the Live-Work-Play amenities of Downtown Frankfort.  One of the key features of the park will be the Farmers Bank Stage area capable of accommodating 800 people seated in the audience or up to 1500 unseated individuals. The grass area in front of the stage will slope down slightly to the elevated stage and designed so attendees will not see the back of the head of the person in front of them instead of the on-stage Entertainment.  A key component of the stage will be a dressing room green room area plus a walled area directly behind the stage for easy entrances and exits to and from the stage.

A ticket booth-souvenir Kiosk may be a part of the amphitheater design to be able to take money or tickets.

The park will be designed with flexible movable tables and seating to maximize customization and utility.  The current parking area in the Northwest Corner is now only used on the top level. The large area under the parking lot will be transformed into a catering station, restrooms and designed to transition into the outside during the summer and yet be usable in the colder winter months as needed.

The plans envision a beer garden as a small rentable area with two adjoining picnic shelters and several banquet tables for meetings, receptions, reunions and other public and private activities.

The NHK bridge over Prairie Creek will be designed to withstand a 500 year water flooding event and marks the transition into the children’s area complete with a fenced in splash pad area, oversized benches for families to enjoy the water and shade, drinking fountains, playground and grassy area for green space or possibly dog park area.  The playground might have a “Musical Instruments” theme for the different attractions.

Flexabilty and capability to accommodate large and small groups, public and private events through several different seasons, sunny and shaded areas, day and night events,  adult and child friendly areas have all been planned into the park to create public and private demand for the space.

Travis Sheets, Frankfort Park Director, can be reached at 765-659-3422.



  6 comments for “Prairie Creek Park Design Starting To Crystallize

  1. Erick Dircks
    July 5, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    Why are they wasting money on the parking lot, when they are using the entire area as a park?? In fact where is the parking for NKP Flats going to end up???

  2. July 6, 2018 at 7:42 am

    A beer garden? Seriously?

  3. July 6, 2018 at 11:46 am

    Oh yes, our downtown just wouldn’t be complete without a beer garden. Keep in mind these are “your” tax dollars being spent, is this really what the majority of Frankfort citizens want? The beer garden may be attractive to the mayor but certainly not to our family. Whats next? Why not a hookah pavilion? [ just kidding ]. More and more this extravagant park/ green space/ party hot spot, seems as though it was part of a deal cut by our elected officials to entice the investors to build a brand new state of the art ultra modern apt complex in our ” historic downtown” . none of these current structures appear to be “historic” in anyway, even in design. However we better remember what happened to the few officials who brought up theyre concern, our kind mayor ousted them promptly for new, younger folks who would applaud his every move, “yes men” you know, like the good old boys we have in office now , in a way bought and payed for, you all remember don’t you? the perpetual bonuses lavishly extended each year by our benevolent mayor, what unspeakable generosity we bear when we are spending others money! Frankfort needs a change , we need to hit the handle on the corrupt commode we have in our city gov. and flush it! God help us.

    • Paul Laverty
      July 6, 2018 at 3:09 pm

      a lot of this is being paid for through donations and grant money

  4. Paul Laverty
    July 6, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    Love it but wheres the dog park ????

  5. July 7, 2018 at 11:39 am

    the misconception that the “lions share” of this project is being funded by private business and or donors is absolutely false. Yes its true that a lot of cash has already been given and some donations have been sent in or promised , the total amount of all monies combined is but a proverbial drop in the bucket when you consider the est. projected cost of this project coming in at a whopping 4.5 million tax-payer dollars, which is probably under estimated . Consider the current condition of , lets say dorners park, or maybe the TPA pool which currently has problems with the baby pool not operable and the big water slide makes for a great view but think how nice it would be if it actually worked! Look at your streets condition, many city streets haven’t had any resurfacing done in 20 plus yrs. they are deplorable. I’m certainly not against parks and lord knows Frankfort has more than most little towns, so many in fact that we can no longer afford to upkeep the ones we already have, so why praytell, should we erect yet another? and this play area is unlike anything we currently have, the cost alone far exceeds the cost of all the city parks combined, think of that, a little town that cannot even afford to maintain her streets going into “long term debt” for another park when we have 7 already! Wow, oh well, the kids are paying for it so who cares! it don’t make a lot of sense does it ,how about your family? when finances get a little tight and you cant afford to repair the roof or replace the broken window , do you suddenly decide to have a enormously expensive landscaping project done? or maybe just buckle down and do the most needful projects until the situation changes? As I have stated before, we need some common sense leadership in our home town , we cant afford to spend like the federal gov. we don’t have a printing press [ yet ] hey , that’s a thought, lets do it chris ! we can simply do as Washington does and keep them presses rollin ! Then spending wont be a issue, but wait, it aint now is it mayor? May God Help Us !

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