TPA Park 4th of July Scrapbook

Once again the Frankfort JayCees put on a spectacular safe show at the TPA park in Frankfort on July 4th.

The 2018 edition of the Fireworks started at about 10:10 with Mayor Chris McBarnes lighting the first shell, a large 8 incher.  The fire in the sky lasted about 23 minutes lit up by about 16 trained, helmeted, JayCee volunteers.

Photo by Reggie Morgan

Facebook Pictures by Reggie Morgan: CLICK HERE


Explosion of the $700.00 12” shell, the last shell of the evening at TPA park. This shell covers 2 cubic city blocks upon detonation and requires the public to be 1200 feet away. You can view the video of this explosion on the video by Erick Dircks below. Photo by Erick Dircks


Weather cooperated as several hundred shells lit up Clinton County skies. The entire show was fit to music on WILO Community Radio 96.9 FM and 1570 AM.  This Radio co-ordination also allows JayCees ablility to make announcements, thank supporters, confirm launch details, relay safety information and countdown the show.

Erick Dircks, Patty Keaton Parks and Reggie Morgan captured photos for your memories.  Kaspar Media would also like to thank Hoops Bar and Grill for supplying food for our broadcast station at the Rotary Joe Doan baseball diamond.  Thanks to the Commons Golf Course for golf cart transportation to allow our photographers and announcers to get to the hot spots during the evening.

A special thanks to King Bird Fireworks and Wampler Services, Inc. who made it possible for the Radio Stations to cover the event and broadcast from the Park.

TPA Park Photos by Erick Dircks: CLICK HERE

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TPA Park Photos by Patty Keaton Parks: CLICK HERE

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