County Fair Parade Ushers In Fair Week 2018: Photos and Videos!

Horses and a band preforming on wheels. Politicians and Super Soakers reaching out.  Antique Tractors, Vintage Automobiles, Police cruisers and Fire Trucks.   The Frankfort Square and South Jackson Street was lined with people enjoying a sunny summer afternoon in warm but not sizzling temps.

The Fair Parade Sunday was a sure sign that Clinton County’s largest gathering of people in the entire year has officially started.

Except for a large 3-4 minute “nothing happening” gap or two,  the parade seemed to come off without a hitch.  Erick Dircks, Patty Keaton Parks and Reggie Morgan captured the parade with their cameras while Cindy Loveless, Ken Hartman, Kevin Kieth and Russ Kaspar broadcast the Parade on WILO AM/FM and WILO TV.

Fair Parade coverage you heard on WILO and see here was made possible by Encompass Credit Union and Wampler’s Services, Inc.

Watch Cindy and Ken’s coverage of the Fair Parade on


You came to the right place for a wonderful line up of some great photos of the Parade:

For Parade Photos by Patty Keaton Parks: CLICK HERE

Facebook Users, CLICK HERE

Great in-the-air shots by Erick Dircks: CLICK HERE

Facebook Users of in-the-air shots: CLICK HERE

Video of Parade from Randy Parks.  See Below

Facebook Users, More Parade Pictures from Reggie Morgan: CLICK HERE

For time-lapse fun “The Entire Parade in 60 seconds” produced by Erick Dircks see below and ENJOY!

Photo by Patty Keaton Parks

Photo by Patty Keaton Parks

Photo by Reggie Morgan

Photo by Patty Keaton Parks


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