Record Sale at Clinton County & 4-H Fair Foods Auction

Earlier this year, Peyton Webster set up a fund after she heard about a tragic fire to the Trail Family, who their house and all their belongings, in addition to a family member, in a blaze which occurred in the early morning hours of February 5.

Peyton, who will be entering the sixth grade at Clinton Central Junior-Senior High School this fall, is continuing on her fundraising path as she set a record at the Clinton County 4-H Foods Auction and Home Ec Food Auction Sunday afternoon at the Clinton County Fairgrounds.

“We’re sure she was able to raise over $4,600 from the $464 that she donated out of her own auction money from previous years,” said Clinton County 4-H Lama Club Leader Elaine Brovont. “Premier Crop Insurance decided to take that $464 figure and that’s what they paid for her Strawberry Swirl Coffee Cake.”

Brovont said that sale was a record-selling product.

“At the same time, Premier Crop Insurance also said they wanted to support 4-Hers who were active in the community and encourage other 4-Hers to take the same active stance in their community and they wanted to reward Peyton for being being part of this community,” said Brovont.

Peyton said she really couldn’t believe how much her cake sold for.

“At first when they sold my cake, I didn’t know what to think,” said Peyton. “When I heard how much it sold for, it surprised me also.”

Peyton said the Trail Family was able to go on spring break with the money that was raised. She added she has been surprised and pleased with what has transpired to this point.

Shortly after the fire in February, several employees of Frankfort City, Light and Power got together and donated $530 to Peyton. Her goal was to raise $1,500 for the family. The fire cost the life of 39-year-old Jason Trail Sr. and injured five others.

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