Full VIDEO: WILO Education Summit

The WILO Education Summit was held Wednesday, August 15, from 9:30-11 a.m. at Kaspar Broadcasting, 1401 W. Barner St., Frankfort.


The summit was broadcast LIVE on WILO AM/FM and on WILO TV.  The entire broadcast as seen on WILO TV:

Guests were Don DeWeese, Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent; Ralph Walker, Clinton Central Superintendent; Amanda Whitlock, Clinton Prairie Superintendent; Jim Hanna; Rossville Superintendent; Rob Staley, Crossing Schools CEO; Andrew Muffett, Ivy Tech Frankfort Site Director; Todd Gambill, Indiana University-Kokomo (IUK) Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Manager; and Shan Sheridan, Clinton County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

Studio is all set for the Education Summit starting at 9:30 on Wednesday August 15.  Watch LIVE and World-Wide on www.wilotv.com or listen to WILO AM 1570 or WILO FM 96.9.

Ken Hartman and Russ Kaspar were the moderators.

This event is sponsored and made possible by

Ivy Tech Community College

Encompass Credit Union

Jerry’s Body Shop

Clinton County Center Township

Wampler Services, Inc.



  2 comments for “Full VIDEO: WILO Education Summit

  1. August 13, 2018 at 11:38 am

    we wonder if wilo / kasper broad casting , will host a home school rep. as well. The incredible advantages of home schooling your children are seldom discussed . Home schooled children consistently test higher than public school , look it up . Also the parent has control of the curriculum your child learns from . The state of Indiana encourages home schooling if possible, in fact, Indiana offers free curriculum to everyone . There are also many Christian based home school curriculum options available for a nominal fee . Our grandchildren absolutely love it ! field trips and all and they are learning so much . We don’t have to wonder about curriculum we don’t agree with, nor school violence , including student on student which school staff turn a blind eye to in large part ! Check it out , you only have your children for a short time , Gods word says our children are like arrows , let aim them the right direction folks ! WILO please put on a home school rep. as well lets hear from all sides of the issue ! May God bless us all !

  2. Russ kaspar
    August 14, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    We would very much welcome that and was originally part of our plan. Who is someone in leadership for homeschooling in our area. Is there a president of ” Indiana home school association”. We would welcome including this representative in our next summit. There will be open lines for written questions or comments.

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