Indianapolis Teen Arrested for Theft of Tools in Boone County

At approximately 12:32 p.m. Wednesday, Whitestown Metropolitan Police officers were dispatched to the Meijer Supermarket for a report of a theft in progress. Boone County Dispatchers informed officers that a young, black male had stolen tools from a construction site near the Meijer Supermarket.
Two of the construction workers witnessed the black male steal the tools, chased after him from the construction site to the Meijer Supermarket, confronted him, and escorted him back to the construction site to await law enforcement. Officers arrived at the construction site shortly after, and detained the suspect identified as 18-year-old Emmanuel Ojibah of Indianapolis.
Officers interviewed Ojibah, during which he confessed to stealing the tools from the worksite, and was placed under arrest. Due to witnesses stating there was a possible second suspect, area schools were placed under temporary lockdown while Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department, Zionsville Police Department, and Boone County Sheriff’s deputies searched for the possible second suspect. After searching the surrounding area, and interviewing Ojibah, it was determined there was no other suspect.
Ojibah was transported to Boone County Jail for processing pending charges of theft, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.
This incident is currently being investigated by the WMPD Investigations Section.

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