CSF Elementary Teachers Getting New Books for Classrooms

Elementary school teachers in the Community Schools of Frankfort are going to get a very special present come January 1.

“Sometimes, Santa Claus comes early,” said Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent Don DeWeese. “Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans came to us and said ‘I have an idea.’ I’ve talked to some of your elementary teachers. Their classroom libraries are outdated and the books are worn. How about if the township trustee purchases some books for every elementary teacher so that they can buy $500 worth of books to upgrade or start their classrooom library.”

DeWeese said when that information was put out to the teachers, “you could almost hear the cheers across town.”

“Our teachers are so excited,” said DeWeese. “This is a very, very generous gift and we are really excited for our students to be able to have books in their hands.”

Evans announced this undertaking a couple of weeks ago.

“We are going to put a brand new classroom library into every elementary school in the Community Schools of Frankfort,” said Evans.”The teacher gets to pick the books for that classroom. This project is called Lifting Libraries and it will start January 1.”

Evans talks about how important reading is.

“Reading is really important for kids to get out of poverty and be able to thrive in life,” said Evans. “We really believe this will make an impact on those poverty situations. Teachers don’t get a budget for books. They have to buy their own books. We’re really providing an opportunity for teachers and students in this situation.”

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