Frankfort School Administrators Get Training on Metal Detectors

School Resource Officer for the Community Schools of Frankfort Josh Danner demonstrates to Blue Ridge Assistant Principal Rachel Nease, left, and Blue Ridge Principal Karie Cloe, right,  how to use the new metal detector as they ‘search’ CSF Technology Director Debbie Bracken.

Right before the current school year began, the Governor Eric Holcomb decided to make handheld metal detectors available at no cost to schools as part of his program to boost school safety throughout the state.

At a District Leadership Team Activity held at Green Meadows Elementary School Wednesday, Community Schools of Frankfort administrators and officials got hands-on training from Head School Resource Officer for the Community Schools of Frankfort Josh Danner along with fellow School Resource Officer Jeremy Rushton.

“It’s just another tool not only for law enforcement but also for school officials to use in order to keep schools safe and that’s our number one priority,” said Danner.

Danner demonstrated the ways to best ways to use the metal detectors. He told school officials to always start at the top of the individual and work their way down. Danner was asked how many times he thought the detectors would be used.

“I’d like not to have to use it at all. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to be the case,” said Danner. “We’ll use it as little as possible. But, if we do have a threat or a situation and feel it’s necessary to bring out that tool to use, we’ll do so.”

Danner said the main reason for using the tool would be in the case of reasonable suspicion that a student or someone else is carrying something or bringing something into the schools he or she shouldn’t bring.

“A school is different than other things,” said Danner. “A school has the duty and the diligence to make sure that they’re property is safe. So, they have a little more leniency. It (the metal detector) is going to be a fantastic tool for them.”

Community Schools of Frankfort Assistant Superintendent Joel McKinney said he is sure that parents are going to want to know when and how the new metal detectors will be used.

“We’ll use it every time we need to use it,” said McKinney. “That need will be determined over time. I anticipate that it won’t be a strong need. At least now we have the tool and we have the training. All of our administrators in the district are trained and the board policy gives us the opportunity to use that tool, if needed.”

McKinney added they will be as discreet about using the detectors as possible.

“But, we also want students and parents to know that it is another option we have to keep our schools safe,” said McKinney.

Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent Don DeWeese added that all secretaries can deny access to any visitor to any building if they are deemed to be a possible problem or threat.


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