Center Township to Launch Program for Elderly Assistance

Center Township of Clinton County wants to make it a priority to care for our growing elderly population. To promote awareness of the ever-growing elderly population within our community, Center Township is pleased to announce the launch of our Team for Elderly Assistance (TEA).

TEA is made up of a group of volunteers in the community to aid the elderly within Center Township with snow shoveling and salt assistance for sidewalks/walkways for the winter. It is Center Township’s belief that “Together We’re Strong, Together We Stand.” This program fits within our motto and assists our elderly population with a real need.

Currently, Center Township has enrolled 20 volunteers for the program that includes churches, youth groups and citizens. This program shows how we can meet a need through collaboration. During snowfall events or ice events, volunteers will go to the houses placed onto the service list to assist our elders and ensure that they are taken care of for the winter.

TEA is completely free and voluntary, both with those who would like to sign up to be a part of the program and with those who would like to volunteer. To learn more about the program, be a volunteer, or sign up to participate, please call Center Township at 765-601-4232.

A special thank you to: Youth Rise, Clinton County Ministerial Association and United States Hispanic Leadership Institute — Clinton County Youth Program through Purdue Extension.

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