Superior Court Judge Justin Hunter Heading To Kuwait

Major Justin Hunter is a part of the Indiana Army National Guard. Soon Justin will be headed to Kuwait to support the 38th Infantry Division’s effort in Kuwait. His unit will assist the US Army Central’s (ARCENT’s) mission in the Middle East.

Frankfort Rotary Club Thursday had the opportunity to hear about some aspects of his upcoming deployment. This future deployment will be Hunter’s second. Several years ago Justin served as a Judge Advocate in Kosovo.

Justin Hunter speaks at this week’s Frankfort Rotary about his upcoming deployment to Kuwait.

Hunter will again serve in the capacity of a Judge Advocate when he gets deployed in the Summer of 2019, but his exact duties are not known to him at this time. Hunter explained that the U.S. military’s presence in that region shapes the environment for peace and prevents future conflict.

The Indiana Guard will deploy more than 500 National Guardsman in support of the mission. There are 18 divisions in the Army.  Eight are derived from active troops and 10 from National Guard reserve divisions such as Hunters. Indiana has the sixth largest National Guard organization in the Country behind California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.

“The most stressful times of deployment for many Soldiers are those leading up to the deployment and the coming back” said Hunter. Actually serving during the time abroad can be less stressful than the pre and post disruption it can cause to the person being deployed and family, friends and co-workers around the soldier.

Hunter and his unit have already begun training for the deployment. He recently spent 3 weeks at a warfighter exercise at Camp Atterbury in Southern Indiana going through intense pre-deployment training using computerized systems linked electronically with units in other parts of the United States.

During Hunter’s absence the Clinton County Superior Court will be in the experienced hands of Donald Currie, a retired Judge who also had military experience when he served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indiana Guard. Currie has been a Senior Judge for the Clinton Circuit and Superior Courts for several years, filling in when Judges needed to be out of the office. Hunter says that Judge Currie has developed a comfortable relationship with his Court staff and the bar association.




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  1. Jeni Hathaway
    November 9, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Stay safe Justin.

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