Four-Year-Old Accidentally Shot by Brother Dies

Four-year-old Izabella-Marie A. Helem, Lebanon, succumbed to injuries she sustained in an accidental shooting that occurred on November 29. Healthcare providers at Indiana University’s Riley Hospital for Children determined that Izabella-Marie’s injuries were not survivable. Izabella-Marie died from her injuries on December 4. The family has decided to allow Izabella-Marie to give the gift of life to others through organ donation.
Izabella-Marie and her three-year old brother were being cared for by their grandparents at their residence in Lebanon. Izabella-Marie was accidentally shot by her three- year old brother after he found a weapon that had been left unsecure in the residence.
The preliminary investigation revealed two wounds on Izabella-Marie, one around the left shoulder blade and another on the right side of her head. An autopsy will be conducted by the Marion County Coroner’s Office to determine where the bullet entered and exited Izabella-Marie, as well as the path it traveled.
Investigators are wrapping up their investigation into the unfortunate tragedy. Once they have concluded their investigation, their findings will be presented to the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office for the determination of what charges, if any, will be filed in this case. We would like to encourage parents, grandparents, and anyone possessing firearms to keep them secured in a location that is not accessible by children. Gun locks are available at no cost at the Lebanon Police Department.

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