Zionsville West Middle School Lockdown Proves Police, School Officials on Right Track

The Zionsville West Middle School was placed on lockdown this morning after a Tupperware container of ammunition was found in the parking lot. BCSO SRO’s and School Officials placed the school on lockdown before students could enter the building. A detai led investigation and perimeter search ensued.
Around 8:30 a.m., a school messenger notification went out to parents as they waited in line for drop-off. ZWest Staff and the Zionsville School Technology Department researched camera footage to find the vehicle the Tupperware fell out of. Law Enforcement quickly contacted that family and determined the ammo had fallen as their child got out of the vehicle to enter school. At no time was there a weapon involved, nor any actual threat to the public.
The Boone County Sheriff’s Office, along with Zionsville West Middle School Officials, worked swiftly to confirm there was no threat to any students at any time. Once the “All Clear” announcement was given, students were allowed to enter and resume classroom education. The investigation only caused about an hour delay in start time.
Superintendent Scott Robison commented: “Our team approach to school safety is essential — from attentive student (and other) eyes on our campuses, to technologies that can sometimes assist us to a fast resolution. In-between there are brave law enforcement officials and school employees who train and react well during the crises that come to and through the schoolhouse door in 2018.
Sheriff Mike Nielsen added: “The quick work of school officials and diligent investigation of our law enforcement officers, truly shows that student safety, the teachers safety and any visitors on school campuses is our main priority. The coordination between both entities played out extremely well. We must continue to work together like this when possible threats arise. Luckily, at no time was anyone’s safety at risk here.”

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