Frankfort Promise Program Unveiled at State of the City

From left are Ivy Tech Chancellor David Bathe, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes, Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent Don DeWeese, Ivy Tech Foundation President John Murphy and Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans

Through a collaboration of the City of Frankfort, the Community Schools of Frankfort, Ivy Tech Community College and Center Township, a new program entitled “Frankfort Promise” was unveiled at the State of the City address at Arborwood Thursday afternoon to help those students who didn’t think college was for them.

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes said he was very excited about this program.

“Taking a portion of TIF funds that industries are paying — property taxes that from our industries — making the commitment to any student that graduates with a high school equivalency degree in the city of Frankfort, that after they go through the process with Ivy Tech, that the City of Frankfort will partner with Center Township and come in with the last dollars in to guarantee that individual gets a certificate or degree, we’re going to ask them to commit to the Frankfort workforce for a number of years, complete community service hours and be a mentor for young people,” said McBarnes. “I think Frankfort Promise will be a good investment program.”

Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans said he intent of the program is to give back to the community.

“The goal of the program is to be able to have students going into our factories and being able to provide the skills needed to work in these factories because we really have a problem with that currently as far as getting skilled workers into our factories,” said Evans. “The program looks at the student who thought being in college was never an option for them. It really says that in the community of Frankfort, we’re thinking higher.”

Evans said all the players in this venture got together three weeks ago to see if this program could be launched.

Ivy Tech Chancellor David Bathe said the program shows how special Frankfort is.

“I think the most important and the most significant thing is that the elected officials here recognize that the most important factor you have for the future is the human resources and they are willing not only to invest in the streets and roads and the companies coming in and expanding here, but to invest in the human capital which will ultimately build the community,” said Bathe. “We are happy to help participate in this and happy to be involved.I’m grateful for the great vision that exists here in Frankfort.”

For Ivy Tech Foundation President John Murphy said this was something he hadn’t seen before.

“I can’t tell you how excited Ivy Tech is with this opportunity,” said Murphy. “We’re going to put students into school that we might have had the opportunity to get and the fact that these folks are stepping up and going to pay for any residual balance on their account is a first. We haven’t seen this before.”

Murphy was asked how he characterized the partnership Ivy Tech has with the City of Frankfort.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Murphy. “The coming together of the Ivy Tech and the City of Frankfort over the last five or seven years has been unprecedented. Our partnership goes above and beyond education and government. It’s almost family here.”

  2 comments for “Frankfort Promise Program Unveiled at State of the City

  1. January 11, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Will this program be for everyone, as long as your a legal U.S. citizen ? and will it be no cost at all to the over burdened tax-payers ? Free is a great thing , we sure hope we are being informed right , we’ve never seen any administration get as much done as our Mayor has without any cost whatsoever to the tax-payers ! It truly has been and is continuing to be amazing . We’re getting a new park/green space uptown without a single dime of tax-payer funds, we got old stony renovated without a nickel from the tax-payers, now a new police compound, a new pool at TPA, another courthouse renovation, a new interactive learning facility at the airport, and all at zero cost to we the tax-payer , now that what we call great money management , now our children will receive free college tuition, we are astounded this is truly financial wizardry , But we know nothing is free don’t we ? WE all know at some point the debt has to be paid don’t we ? With this vast debt that’s sky rocketing as we speak, how will this small community with less than 16000 residents , counting children , ever pay it ? Have you even thought about interest ? We have no choice but to vote for change ! We are in trouble here people, look around you at all the business closing , old long-time business shuttering their doors , yet we continue to spend like there is no end in sight ! Get-up , Get out and LETS VOTE FOR CHANGE !!!

    • Reggie Morgan
      January 11, 2019 at 5:22 pm

      Frankfort is paying over $1 million dollars a year in INTEREST Alone. Frankfort’s reported dept is currently $78,503,241.00 (million)
      extended until the year 2038. I am not sure if that even includes this PARK.

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