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  • EPA Decision to Keep Point of Obligation Unchanged Protects Consumer Choice
    Late Wednesday the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced their decision to maintain the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) point of obligation. This is a major fictory for the ethanol industry. Oil interests had pressed the agency to change the long standing requirement on who was responsible for blending ethanol into gasoline. ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 22, 2017
  • Yes, Hoosier Farmers Contribute to that Thanksgiving Feast
    Indiana-Thanksgiving-feast In the new Farm Bureau Thanksgiving market basket surveys, Hoosiers will pay more for their Thanksgiving meal compared to a year ago while the national average cost of the meal declined. In Indiana, a basic Thanksgiving dinner for 10 which includes 12 traditional food items rose from just under ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 22, 2017
  • Making Plans, Making Changes for 2018
    Making Plans, Making Changes for 2018 As farmers move from the 2017 harvest season into the 2018 planning season, many are considering changes to their operation for the coming year. It is important to make crop insurance part of those new plans, says Jason Alexander, Senior Vice President of insurance ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 22, 2017
  • Agriculture Among NAFTA Topics on Final Day
    The fifth round of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations wrapped up Tuesday. A report describes the talks as relatively quiet. Canadian negotiators have not been making many counteroffers to U.S. proposals. Instead, they are using closed-door meetings to challenge American proposals with data and to ask for explanations of ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 22, 2017
  • New Research Reports Farmers’ Radio Listening Frequency
    Farm broadcasting has been a constant in the daily lives of farmers and ranchers for more than 75 years and continues to prove its worth in delivering live, local and current agricultural news today. Recent research conducted by the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB), found 88 percent of farmers ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 22, 2017
  • Monsanto Asks Judge to Overturn Arkansas Dicamba Ban
    mAn Associated Press report says Monsanto went before an Arkansas judge on Friday to ask the court to stop the state’s plan to ban dicamba use from April through October. Dicamba has been a source of complaints from farmers across the state, who say the product has drifted to their ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 22, 2017
  • Hoosiers Harvesting Corn at Thanksgiving
    Hoosiers Harvesting Corn at Thanksgiving Mary GumzWhile many farmers will be giving thanks this week for a good harvest, others will still be trying to wrap up harvest 2017.  Another weekend of heavy rain and storms continued to delay the wrap up of harvest for some growers. Mary Gumz, with ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 21, 2017
  • Farmer to Farmer Communication Can Help in Dicamba System Success
    creating-dicamba-success-stories What is the future of dicamba after a first-year rollout and drift damage that followed? University of Missouri weed scientist, Dr. Kevin Bradley says there’s never been a problem like this in U.S. agriculture and the damage done this past growing season was significant. “I think that we all ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 21, 2017
  • Livestock Haulers Get Waiver From ELDs Regulation
    The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has granted drivers who haul livestock a 90-day waiver from a regulation that could have negative effects on animal well-being, a move hailed by the National Pork Producers Council. NPPC requested on behalf of the U.S. pork industry and other livestock sectors a waiver ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 21, 2017
  • Holiday Drivers Save by Choosing E-15 Fuel
    AAA recently predicted a record number of drivers will be on the road for the Thanksgiving holiday. Growth Energy says those drivers could save up to $4 million by filling up with E-15. Growth Energy is encouraging drivers to take advantage of the value E-15 brings and go to Get ... read more
    Hoosier Ag TodayNovember 20, 2017