Genda Funeral Home Introduces Pull Behind Funeral Coach

Genda Funeral Home in Frankfort has unveiled a couple of new ways to better personalize an individual’s funeral service.

“We have introduced our new pull behind funeral coach,” said Genda Funeral Home owner Mark Genda. “We introduced it with an antique tractor which is a John Deere 4020.”

Genda added that is not the only new mode of transportation they have introduced.

“We also now have a motorcycle to put the pull behind funeral coach on,” said Genda. “That will also be available for those who are interested. Here’s the whole reason behind this. It’s for those who want a more customized, personalized service.”

Genda said the pull behind coach has been used once and is available to go anywhere despite the tractor’s top speed of 23 miles an hour.

“The pull behind funeral coach is available to families for anything that they can put a 1 7/8 inch ball hitch on,” said Genda. “They can use that to customize, personalize, make special their person’s funeral service.”

  1 comment for “Genda Funeral Home Introduces Pull Behind Funeral Coach

  1. Trace McGarey
    May 2, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Mark, you’re ahead of the game! Very “Frankfort”. I love it!

    Trace McGarey,
    Proud former resident of the Gem City

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