Evans Named Director of New Housing Position for City

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes, left, issues the Oath of Office to new Director of Housing Initiative and Property Maintenance for the City of Frankfort Kevin Evans, middle. Evans’ wife, Callie Evans is holding the Bible.

The Board of Public Works and Safety announced Wednesday afternoon that Kevin Evans has been appointed as the new Director of Housing Initiative and Property Maintenance for the City of Frankfort. He starts this new position Monday, March 18.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to really focus on housing in our community, be able to transform some of our neighborhoods and be able to attract new investment and new opportunities here,” said Evans. “By coming here, I get to focus on housing and I think that’s really a focus in our community that’s needed. I look forward to that.”

In other news, Mayor Chris McBarnes opened the bids for the 14 road paving projects coming up this year in the City of Frankfort. They had three groups bid for the project. The BOW elected to table the bids until the next regular board meeting so they can go over and really look at the bids.

The Board of Works accepted a bid of $6,500 from Ridenour Construction to take care of the demolition of the maintenance building that burned at the Frankfort Commons Golf Course earlier this year.

The Board of Works also accepted a pair of bids from Jim Michael Construction for a pair of projects at TPA Park. They accepted a bid of $34,800 to fix the steps at the large shelter house and accepted a bid of $16,500 to put a sidewalk pathway inside the Aviary for the public to walk on. The pathway is also expected to make it safer for the animals, as well.

The Board of Works also has a special meeting at 1 p.m. Friday in which they hope to have demolition bids on the buildings that burned in downtown Frankfort on January 22.

Frankfort Fire Department Chief John Kirby also reported his department has responded to seven fires since the downtown fire.

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