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  • Chicago identifies 1st case of measles, nation experiencing worst outbreak in 25 years
    iStock/AndreyPopov(CHICAGO) -- Health officials in Chicago have confirmed the city's first case of measles, the latest in the worst outbreak in the U.S. in the last 25 years. The Chicago Department of Public Health said officials identified an individual with the virus on Friday. In a statement, the city said ... read more
    HealthMay 19, 2019
  • Gap in suicide rates among teen boys, girls is closing: Study
    iStock/torwai(NEW YORK) -- Teen suicide trends have long shown differences between the sexes: While girls have been more likely to attempt suicide, boys have died by suicide at higher rates. This disparity, however, may be getting smaller. Suicide rates among both girls and boys ages 10 to 19 had been ... read more
    HealthMay 18, 2019
  • While some states are restricting abortion, others move to bolster access
    Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The abortion debate in America has lately been dominated by news that conservative lawmakers in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri had approved sweeping new restrictions to abortion access. But meanwhile, several states with Democratic majorities have been pushing through bills that ... read more
    HealthMay 18, 2019
  • Hollywood’s influence comes into focus in Georgia as celebrities slam Republicans over abortion laws
    iStock/Southern Drone Group(WASHINGTON) -- Amid a wave of new anti-abortion laws passed in several states this week, celebrities — from A-list musicians like Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Hollywood heavyweights like Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon and Jordan Peele — are using their platforms to express their outrage. But as "heartbeat" ... read more
    HealthMay 18, 2019
  • Boy with type 1 diabetes surprised with life-saving diabetes alert dog
    ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A 9-year-old boy who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November received a life-changing surprise Friday on ABC News' Good Morning America.The boy, Eli Morgan, met the Labrador retriever who will soon be his constant companion as his diabetes alert dog.Eli and his family had ... read more
    HealthMay 17, 2019
  • FDA recalls tattoo inks due to possible bacteria contamination
    The Food and Drug Administration(WASHINGTON) -- Food and Drug Administration officials recalled several types of tattoo ink this week over worries that they could be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.The Food and Drug Administration issued the warning to tattoo artists, ink retailers and anyone "considering a new tattoo," saying the inks ... read more
    HealthMay 17, 2019
  • Five more states sue Purdue Pharma over alleged role in opioid crisis
    Moussa81/iStock(NEW YORK) -- Five more states are suing OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma for its alleged role in the U.S. opioid crisis, the states' attorneys general announced on Thursday.West Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, Iowa and Wisconsin are filing lawsuits against the company which manufactures and markets the painkiller."The opioid epidemic was not ... read more
    HealthMay 16, 2019
  • World Health Organization releases new guidelines to reduce dementia risk
    Daisy-Daisy/iStock(NEW YORK) -- The World Health Organization has released new guidelines to help people reduce their risk of dementia.The organization said in a news release Tuesday that dementia is not inevitable and pointed to regular exercise, quitting smoking, avoiding “harmful” use of alcohol and eating a healthy diet as ways ... read more
    HealthMay 16, 2019
  • Most parents text and drive, but millennial parents have even riskier habits: Study
    globalmoments/iStock(NEW YORK) -- Cellphone use while driving is a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents across the United States, yet a new study finds that despite widespread public health warnings about distracted driving, the majority of parents are still using their phones on the road, with one group in particular ... read more
    HealthMay 16, 2019
  • High school senior loses 115 pounds by walking to school, changing diet
    Courtesy Jim Watson(CANTON, Ohio) -- Michael Watson, 18, battled his weight his entire life but decided to make a lasting change when he looked in a mirror his sophomore year of high school.“When I looked in the mirror I was really ready to get it done and thought, ‘I can’t ... read more
    HealthMay 16, 2019