Holiday Window Painting Slated Again

Efforts are underway to bring back the Holiday Window Painting contest again this year for both Halloween and Christmas. Organizer Mary Lynn Peter says they are having an organization meeting this Saturday at Johnny V’s  at 2 pm. If you remember, last year, many downtown merchants took part in the contest and let local artists paint their windows then were able to vote on favorites. It truly was a way to showcase local talent. A letter has went out which we have posted in it’s entirety below. A PayPal account has been set up or you can make donations at First National Bank so you can help with paint and supplies, if you wish.

For more information, call 765-652-0319 or email


To all Frankfort Merchants,

Hi, it’s me again!  As you recall, my name is MaryLynn Peter and I organized the Holiday window painting contests last year.  Well, it’s time again!

We have had a very disappointing year so far.  With the Covid 19 cancelling all of our events, this year is more important than ever to bring a little cheer to everyone.

Last year was a huge success!  Only if we did just have a handful of merchants participate in the Halloween contest, it exploded for Christmas!  I was overwhelmed and so happy at the same time!

This year I am asking you to participate again.  I know it’s been a rough year financially for merchants, but I will keep the entry fee the same so we can still do the contest.  $50 includes Halloween and Christmas.  I have new talent wanting to join in this year so it will be even more exciting!

Now, after learning so much last year, there will be some rules to go by.

  1. All artists are expected to maintain their window paintings through the contest. This means, repainting or touching up so to keep it looking awesome.
  2. Merchants will be in charge of cleaning their windows. Most have someone that does this for them anyway. If you have questions, your artist can help you with what to use. (Mainly soap and water will take care of it)
  3. Artist will only volunteer for as many windows as they can handle. I do not want any of them to be overwhelmed.
  4. If a merchant decides to have an artist paint their window, but did not submit the entry fee, their artist will not be in the contest.
  5. Halloween windows should be done by October 4 and Christmas completed by December 1.

This is all for fun and entertainment and I believe you would agree with me that now more than ever, this town needs this!   Please let me know if you want to participate!

P.S.   Let’s pray for better, drier weather than last year too!


MaryLynn Peter                765-652-0319 

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  1. In the 50’s when I was a lad in Pana,Illinois, the merchants let the high schoolers paint Halloween and Christmas theme pictures. My paternal uncle won first prize two years in a row for both holidays. He was a very good artist. He studied art at Greenville College in Illinois.

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