28th Annual 5 Creeks District Cub Scout Fishing Derby Held At Frankfort Lagoon’s

28th Annual 5 Creeks District Cub Scout Fishing Derby was held at Frankfort’s City Lagoons on Sept. 9, from 1pm to 4.

It was a bright and sunny day, A little way into the derby it began to sprinkle, that brought the big fish up to the surface where the Scouts could hook them.

A perfect day for a Cub Scout and his fishing partner (Akela) to toss a line in the water and wait for the tug, or just sit side by side and talk about the “good old days”.

There were 44 fishing teams made up of a Cub Scout and his Mom or Dad or Grandpa or Special Relative. These numbers were up from last year; They feel they have been gaining ground from the couple of years that Covid kept units away.

The fish were biting better than last year at this exceptional pond with more than 90 fish caught, all were turned loose again. So, the excitement and interest were high, but deep down every Scout wanted the trophy and ribbons for the biggest or most fish caught.

The teams caught a total of 90 fish. The Lion teams (Kindergarten age) caught 7 fish, the Tiger teams (1st grade) caught 18, the Wolf teams (2nd grade) 15, the Bear teams (3rd grade) 31, the Webelos teams (4th grade) 10 and the AOL teams (5th grade) 9 fish.

The most fish caught by a team all day was by a Bear Scout from Pack 337 with 12 fish, followed by a Tiger Scout team with 11 fish.

The largest Bluegill caught was an 11 3/4 inch fish by an Arrow Of Light Scout team from Pack 338, followed by a 10 1/4 inch fish by a Bear Scout team from Pack 909.

The largest other fish (not a bluegill) was a 12 inch crappie caught by a Lion Scout team from Pack 338.

An AOL Scout team from Pack 338 also caught a 3 foot water snake and a Scout team from Pack 909 caught a 5 1/4 inch turtle.

No catfish were caught this year (again).

The overall Trophy (for the most Scouts from one unit) went to the host Pack, Pack 338 from St. Matthew UMC in Frankfort. There were 9 Cub Scout units represented there on Saturday, with boys and girls from Kindergarten through 5th grade and their partners from Packs 303, 336, 337, 338, 359, 394, 396, 550 and 909, From Clinton, Boone, Montgomery, Hedricks, and Marion Counties.

Dana Harrison would like to give Special Thanks to all the volunteers that help with the care and upkeep of the Lagoons and says “We like this group of ponds and how well stocked it has been for us over the past 15 years and the promise that it will be just as nice and well stocked in the future, we have begun the plans to return for all of future 5 Creek District Fishing Derbies.”
Also, special thanks to Katrina Glass and her 2 wonderful kids, Dan Dehm, the BS Venture Crew 338 out of Frankfort’s St Matthew UMC, Our District Executive Bailey Hahn who stuck around for the entire derby, Erick Dircks for coming out and taking all the great photos, The chefs from 338 for cooking all those hot dogs and Susan and Hector Galvan for serving them up, and team from Carl’s U-save Bait and Tackle Shop. A very special thanks to all the young members of the Venturing Crew, they all came out and helped, we really appreciate the great work they offered, and the Scouting spirit they show the younger Cub Scouts.

Any ribbons not picked up that day will be at the District Round table in October. Patches can be picked up at Round table in November when they come in.

Next years Fishing Derby, Celebrating the 29th year of 5 Creeks District’s Fishing Derby, will be held at the Frankfort Lagoons and is planned for September 7, 2024. If you have nothing planned for that day and like working with kids and are not going to be bringing your own Cub Scout, come on out and help us with the 2024 Fishing Derby. They can always use your help. And if your Scout has crossed over into a Troop or is in a Crew and would like to come out and help, they can earn community service time helping at the derby. Everyone wins. If you would like information on joining the Boy Scouts of America you can contact the Crossroads of America Council at: (877) 925-1900, go to the council web site: www.crossroadsbsa.org, or www.becomeascout.org.

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Harrison also says “We also need to thank our Sponsors of the day; Esserman’s Best-One Tire, Bailey Trucking, Inc. and Apparel and Graphics. Com. They helped with the cost of the trophies, ribbons and patches for the event. Many thanks to all of them.”

Erick Dircks was on hand for photos and video and can be seen in links below

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