Commissioners Take Action Against Matron

At Monday’s Clinton County Commissioners meeting, the commissioners followed up on action from a previous meeting to not pay Matron Ashley Kelly in that role within the Clinton County Sheriffs Department if she didn’t sign a contract offered by them. Commissioner Jordan Brewer tells W-I-L-O News they offered Ashley Kelly a contract that would address their concern on the county’s nepotism policy.

Brewer went on to say the state changed the county’s nepotism policy in 2012 and as a result, the commissioners at the time adopted their own ordinance.

Brewer says since the past commissioners adopted an ordinance back in 2012, not all counties are the same anymore.

There still remains one court case active between the County and Sheriff Kelly in Tippecanoe County. Oral arguments are set for February 23, 2022, at 1:30.


  1. This voter will remember the harassment the commissioners have brought against our elected sheriff Kelly and appointed matron Kelly. And how they have wasted tax dollars on frivolous law suits. This voter will be vocal with other voters as well. The actions of the commissioners is shameful and they must be held accountable

    • I agree with the above. If this action is all the Commissioners are working on for some unknown reason, they are certainly wasting taxpayers money. Seems like a vendetta to me! Threatening to withhold an earned paycheck to force the matron to agree to sign their contract should (and may be)illegal. I too have a long memory and am in full support of Sheriff Kelly and the Matron position’s.

  2. Maybe there are some facts missing, but sounds like a breach of contract by the county. Can’t just stop paying and induce someone under duress to sign a new contract… There was an implied acceptance of the contract over the last couple of years, can’t just stop paying, must allow a reasonable time.

  3. Nepotism is unethical and should be barred by the state, county, and city as is done federally. The result from the SBOA audit is available to anyone on the web. Leonne LLC is amounting to a third income for their family. I Don’t really understand how it’s legal to purchase supplies from a company that you have 51/49 ownership in with your spouse. This again is unethical. Even if it’s taken place with last five sheriffs it has to stop somewhere.

  4. I don’t know about everyone else, but this form of “legal” harassment reminds me of the 4 years of President Trump. Constant frivolous lawsuits that they lost. Funny…I didn’t remember Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer being on the ballot during the electronic action. Now Commissioner Brewer, tell us what’s really going on…Did you and Kelley have a little spat?

  5. Withholding pay for services rendered is illegal… and trying to force someone to sign a new contract is called coercion. It is a felony.

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