A Ride In The 1928 Ford Tri-Motor: Fly With Us VIDEO

Buckle Up.

You are about to “take off” in a 1928 Ford Tri-Motor Airplane, also called “The Tin Goose”.

Erick Dircks and Russ Kaspar took pictures and videos to share the experience with you.

This Vintage aircraft is based at Frankfort-Clinton County Airport for 3 days through Sunday August 18th and will be offering rides and Free tours for all.

A total of 199 Ford Tri-Motors were made. There were only 18 in existence in 2012.  The original cost was about $42,000 and the current value is now over $725,000.

The Frankfort Chapter of the EAA is helping with the project and the special visit shares a slice of history. This famous model of aircraft is the first plane used for commercial travel in the United States.  This particular plane would depart Columbus Ohio and fly to Wichita at a leisurely 100 MPH. Passengers would then take a train from Wichita to Albuquerque and then board another plane to San Diego.

If you are interested in flying in the 1928 Tri-Motor, call 877-952-5395 or visit www.flytheford.org

There is a small bathroom on board at the rear of the cabin but not usable in the aircraft on tour.

Flight Deck of the Ford Tri-Motor. Photo by Erick Dircks

Tri-Motor in the new hanger at KFKR Frankfort Clinton County Airport.  Shown with Airport Manager Matt Hankins.   Photo Montage by Russ Kaspar

Inside the first US airliner. Photo by Erick Dircks

Flying over Frankfort. Clinton County Court House is visible to the careful observer. Photo by Erick Dircks

Ticket Please. Ready to fly. Photo by Erick Dircks

Now you can go in for your landing.  No tray tables to put in the upright and locked position.  See the pilots in the flight deck through the open door area as they maneuver the plane on final approach. Watch the tires screech on the runway as the 91 year old aircraft lands on runway 27 at the Frankfort Airport.  Hope you enjoyed your flight!

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