Academy Of Science At Camp Cullom Opens Windows For Clinton County 5th Graders

How did scientists first know the earth was round and how large the earth really was?

What is in a Clinton County stream, woods or prairie grass stand?

What happens when you put gas from frozen Carbon Dioxide inside a bubble?

What are some of the most weird, crazy unusual things scientists have found in outer space?

What do Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon look like through a large telescope?

What does the inside of a crayfish really look like and how do the important body parts work together?

What are some of the most important fundamentals of weather?

What makes a rocket fly and what is it like to fly your own rocket?

These discoveries and more were packed into the weekend for some of Clinton County’s budding Scientists.  The Camp Cullom academy of Science was started by the Camp Cullom board of directors several years ago to nurture and encourage area youth to enjoy the thrill and fascination found in the physical and biological sciences and foster interest and growth in STEM subjects.

One comment heard during the weekend?  “This was the best day of my life”.  That very comment was also heard in prior years during the weekend packed with Science, discovery and exploration.

One unique aspect of the Academy of Science is that students are mentored in the “real world” as the 90 acre camp becomes one big laboratory full of surprises. The telescopes at Prairie Grass Observatory played a part, along with sessions in the woodlands, prairie and streams.

Leah Harden led almost 20 volunteers and instructors to make the weekend possible for nearly 30 selected students.

Erick Dircks was at the Academy of Science so you can take a peek at what went on during the weekend.

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