Asher Seeking Re-Election as Howard County Sheriff in 2022

Sheriff Jerry Asher is seeking re-election as the Howard County Sheriff in 2022. Sheriff Asher will run on the Republican ticket with Jordan Buckley as his campaign manager and Ron Metz as treasurer.

Asher began his career with the Sheriff’s Office on January 3, 1995 as a correctional officer and emergency 911 dispatcher.  He was hired as a merit deputy in July of 1996.  During his over two decades with the agency, Sheriff Asher worked day, afternoon and night shifts, was a shift supervisor, a transport officer, a training Lieutenant, a Captain as patrol commander, Chief Deputy, and incumbent Sheriff.

As Sheriff, Asher has hired five additional deputies through a grant to begin a taskforce to combat violent crimes, including gun violations and narcotics. He also began utilizing body worn cameras for patrol deputies to increase transparency.  He has hired a full-time mental health therapist for incarcerated individuals to assist with mental health issues and substance abuse disorders and 24-hour correctional medical staff, all while being fiscally responsible and navigating COVID-19.

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