Attorney’s For Delphi Murder Suspect File For Change Of Venue

Attorney’s For Richard Allen Filed for a change of venue in Carroll County yesterday stating that Allen’s jury could be tainted if left in Carroll County.

The motion states also that many Carroll County residents actively participated in the search for Libby and Abby and could actually have information such as the layout of the area searched and could infect the jury that already have opinions based on their involvement.

Allen’s attorney’s believe that moving the trial at least 150 miles away would reduce the likelihood of a tainted jury.

Attorney’s also state that even before Allen had been accused, extensive media coverage, social media, and pod casts began as soon as the girls went missing and continued after the victims were found for 5 plus years.

The documents in this case are still sealed and no answer fromt he judge yet as to when they will be unsealed and available.

Clinton County Daily News will bring you updates as we get them.

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