Bauer Head Start Now Enrolling

Bauer Family Resources is now accepting applications for children ages 0-5 years of age for Head Start and Early Head Start. Head Start and Early Head Start are nationally recognized early childhood programs that provide high quality services that meet the unique needs of families. The goal of the program is to promote school readiness in young children at no cost to families who qualify.

Head Start enrollment prioritizes families that have an income at or below the federal poverty guidelines. Slots are available for families who are above federal poverty guidelines. Regardless of income level, families can qualify if they are experiencing homelessness, receive snap benefits, or are enrolling a foster child. Head Start and Early Head Start programs are also designed to meet the needs of young children who have a diagnosed disability.

Bauer has 412 Head Start and Early Head Start slots for children in Lafayette, Monticello, Frankfort, and Delphi. There are current openings in Lafayette and Monticello with minimal waitlists in Frankfort and Delphi. The 2022-2023 school year is scheduled to begin August 15, 2022; however, families can apply and enroll at any time.

Kim Ryan, Early Care and Education Director, shared “Over the last several years we have had to limit the number of children we were able to serve due to COVID precautions and staffing shortages. We are thrilled to be able to move in the direction of full enrollment.”

In addition to center-based services, Bauer offers a Pregnant Women’s program that serves women in their home who are pregnant through the first 6 weeks of the infant’s life. This is an opportunity for families to receive assistant in obtaining proper prenatal care and education to ensure the growth and development of their unborn child. After the first 6 weeks, infants can enroll in center based Early Head Start.

To learn more or to apply please visit or call (765) 742-4848 to speak to a member of Bauer’s Early Care and Education team.

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