Best Use for Police Station Building? What Do You Think?

What is the highest and best use of the Frankfort Police Department Building at the corner of Columbia and Washington in Downtown Frankfort?

Frankfort Police Department Building at 201 West Washington Street in Frankfort

The Frankfort Police Department will be moving to their new location on 28 West late this summer.  For the first time ever the Frankfort Police Department will occupy a purpose-built space to call “home”.

The solid building now occupied by the Frankfort Police Department is owned by the City of Frankfort and will be empty in less than a year, providing some kind of opportunity for this location

  • Directly north of the Frankfort Community Public Library
  • One Block from the Frankfort Square and the Iron Block Chamber of Commerce Building
  • One Block from 51 West Event Center
  • Within the Frankfort Main Street Downtown Frankfort Zone
  • One Block from the proposed Clinton County Annex and Memorial Park on the northwest corner of the square
  • Sturdy Building originally built by Federal Government to house the Frankfort Post Office.

What are your ideas for this space? The PIP board (Partners in Progress) will be holding their next meeting at the building and receive a tour of the structure from Police Chief Scott Shoemaker.

Time will tell what will happen to this downtown Frankfort structure and how it might serve the area.

Lobby of the building at 201 West Washington Street in Frankfort, soon to be empty and capable of another use.



  1. First see if the Frankfort Library is interested, but in saying that would it be a good location for the Clinton County Museum, the features of the building would be great and it would be more noticeable and accessible, then the city could have the space occupied by the Museum in the Old Stoney for future use

  2. I think the archives from the courthouse should be there. Close to courthouse, close to library. Maybe the health department in there too.

  3. I say turn it into a museum for all Frankfort memorabilia past and present anything that anybody wants to put in it for Frankfort as far as memories of Frankfort. Cuz we don’t need another parking lot.

  4. join it to the library and use it as a genealogy library. Then move the museum from old stoney to that location as well.

  5. Adding to my previous comment, there is alot of historical material in the library that is very interesting about Frankfort and Clinton County, this be a good way to bring that together and also expand and display more historical things

  6. Would make a great museum. Move the Historical Society Museum from Old Stoney into this building and open it up daily for tours. Would make a great local and tourist attraction.

    • Great idea for Clinton County Historical Society Museum. A better Location, fewer steps than Old Stoney! True, library has several historical items it could loan the museum. If this building provided room for police department all these years, it should also have plenty of room for record storage. Plus the building is a beautiful and well built!

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