Brite Resigns from Council, Redevelopment Commission

Frankfort City Councilman Michael Brite recently announced his resignation from the council and the Redevelopment Commission due to his plans to relocate to Florida with his wife, Kathy.

Brite initially announced his resignation from the Redevelopment Commission during the council meeting on Monday, Sept. 11, and the council elected to appoint councilman Eric Woods to the commission to replace Brite for the remainder of the year. Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets stated that Woods will remain with the commission until January where the council will renegotiate the council representative for the commission. Sheets stated that Woods may continue serving on the commission next year as well depending on the council decision in 2024.

Brite released a statement regarding his resignation from the council on Tuesday, stating that his resignation will be effective immediately as of Sept. 12 due to his plans to relocate from District 3 to Florida. Brite stated that no further factors beyond his departure from the district have led to his resignation.

“I have informed Mayor Sheets (on Tuesday) evening that I am resigning from the City Council effective immediately,” Brite said in his statement. “Before any of the conspiracy theorists get any ideas, it’s not because of our mayor. I would like to take this time to thank the council and the mayor.”

Brite continued by stating that he appreciated his time with the council, and he enjoyed communicating with community members who shared their concerns for the council to address. Brite encouraged community members to attend meetings or watch the meetings online to better inform their council representative of their concerns.

“I know that all these council members and the mayor are doing a great job in moving our city forward,” Brite said in his statement. “We are not always going to make everyone happy, but one thing I have learned is the ones that are happy stay quiet, but the five or six unhappy people that have never made it to a meeting in my four years, they are the ones that make the most noise, and unfortunately make you wonder if the job is worth it.”

Brite concluded by stating that he will always appreciate the city of Frankfort and the community members that elected him for his term.

“I love Frankfort and always will,” Brite said in his statement. “I think there are great things ahead for this city.”

Sheets stated that Brite was a welcomed addition to the council during his term, and she expressed that the departure of Brite is bittersweet as she feels that the council is losing an outspoken and caring member of the council, but she wished him well with his relocation to Florida.

“Mike is going to be really missed,” Sheets said. “I enjoyed working with him on the council. He had a great passion and love for the City of Frankfort. As he made decisions, that’s what he looked at–what’s best for our community? That’s one thing that I liked about Mike, that he did that and that he cared, so we’re really going to miss him.”

Brite was completing his first term on the council after being elected in 2019 and won an uncontested primary race for his seat in May, remaining as the only candidate on the ballot for District 3 for the upcoming general election in November. A caucus will be held within 30 days from the Clinton County Clerk’s Office receipt of official paperwork for Brite’s resignation.

Potential candidates must reside within District 3 to be eligible to participate in the caucus. For more information on candidate filing, dates and the procedures of the caucus, contact the Clinton County Republican Party at 765-654-6323.

Brite was not available for further comment this week.

Brite begins his first term with the council.
From left: Joe Palmer, Clarence Warthen, Steve Beardsley, Megan Sheets, Brandt Fuller, Michael Brite, Eric Woods