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  • Want to be able to edit your Tweets? Convince ‘everyone’ to wear a mask
    DKart/iStockBy CATHERINE THORBECKE, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Twitter teased it will allow one of its most sought-after updates -- letting people edit Tweets -- on the condition that "everyone wears a mask."The company's announcement from its verified page has already garnered more than 2 million likes on the platform.Twitter declined ... read more
    BusinessJuly 03, 2020
  • Unclaimed Baggage store for lost luggage goes online
    Unclaimed BaggageBy GENEVIEVE SHAW BROWN, ABC News (NEW YORK) -- It's the store famous the world over for selling lost luggage items. And now, after 50 years, Unclaimed Baggage has gone online.The trip to the 50,000-square-foot Scottsboro, Alabama, store is no longer necessary. In June, the e-commerce site was launched, ... read more
    BusinessJuly 03, 2020
  • Spas are reopening amid COVID-19: Here are the rules
    Massage EnvyBy JACQUELINE LAUREAN YATES, ABC News (NEW YORK) -- With America still on the road to recovery amid the coronavirus pandemic, nonessential businesses, including spas, are beginning to reopen. But many are wondering, "Is it safe?"When most people think of a visit to a spa, feelings of relaxation immediately ... read more
    BusinessJuly 03, 2020
  • Mom alleges in lawsuit she was fired for kids’ noise while working from home
    DNY59 / iStockBy Nicole Pelletiere via GMA(SAN DIEGO) -- A California mother who was working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic said she was let go from her job over her kids being noisy while she was on work calls.Drisana Rios, an insurance account executive, is now suing her former ... read more
    BusinessJuly 02, 2020
  • Trump claims new jobs numbers show economy is ‘roaring back’ from coronavirus
    Official White House Photo by Andrea HanksBy BEN GITTLESON, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump came to the White House briefing room Thursday morning to tout new employment numbers showing that 4.8 million jobs were added in June, calling it "spectacular news.""Today's announcement proves that our economy is roaring back" ... read more
    BusinessJuly 02, 2020
  • Wondering what space smells like? There’s a perfume for that
    buradaki/iStockBy JACQUELINE LAUREAN YATES, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Fun fact: Space has a specific smell and now there's a perfume that will allow your senses to get a whiff of it.Eau de Space is the new fragrance that has garnered a lot of attention after being posted on Kickstarter as ... read more
    BusinessJuly 02, 2020
  • Unemployment rate at 11.1% in June, another 1.4M workers filed jobless claims last week
    courtneyk/iStockBy CATHERINE THORBECKE, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The unemployment rate in the U.S. fell slightly to 11.1% in June, according to data released Thursday by the Department of Labor. Meanwhile, another 1.4 million workers filed for unemployment insurance in the last week. Both reports highlight the ongoing anguish of the labor ... read more
    BusinessJuly 02, 2020
  • Are hotels and rentals safe this summer?
    DragonImages/iStockBy GIO BENITEZ and MINA KAJI, ABC News (NEW YORK) -- As more Americans hit the road for what experts are calling the "summer of the road trip," hotel chains and Airbnb hosts are stepping up their cleaning game and using new technologies in an effort to convince guests they ... read more
    BusinessJuly 02, 2020
  • New York, New Jersey restaurateurs respond to indoor dining delays
    HAKINMHAN/iStockBy KELLY MCCARTHY, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The light at the end of the tunnel got a little dimmer for restaurants in New York City and New Jersey. Restauranteurs were finally prepared to welcome diners back inside after months of being closed and reorganizing venues to work at limited capacity ... read more
    BusinessJuly 02, 2020
  • Congress extends Paycheck Protection Program; billions remain available
    Kameleon007/iStockBy SARA KOLINOVSKY and CHEYENNE HASLETT, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Congress has extended the deadline for small businesses to apply for approximately $134 billion in Paycheck Protection Program funds until Aug. 8.The House of Representatives approved the extension by unanimous consent Wednesday evening. In an unexpected move, the Senate kicked off ... read more
    BusinessJuly 01, 2020