Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Honors Local Deputies For Peace Officers Memorial Day

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Deputies attend the ceremony in 2023 in honor of Deputy Chief Noah Rainey and Jail Deputy Dane Northcutt.
– Photos courtesy of CCSO

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office announced that multiple officers from the Carroll County community were able to attend the National Police Week ceremony in Washington D.C. in 2023 in honor of those who were lost in January 2022, and this year saw the department release a sentiment for those able to gather again this year as they continue to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation that designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week surrounding the date as National Police. Every year, thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world attend events to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice as they converge on Washington D.C.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office stated that local law enforcement agencies in Carroll County we able to gather the funds to send a few of its officers to the ceremony in 2023 to honor the Carroll County Deputies who lost their lives in 2022, and this year saw the department continue its honoring of all officers in the nation as they pay their respects to those who have lost their lives.

Rainey’s name is engraved into the Law Enforcement Memorial Wall.

In January 2022, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office experienced the loss of fellow officers firsthand as two officers lost their lives in an automobile crash. The crash claimed the lives of Deputy Sheriff Noah Rainey and Jail Deputy Dane Northcutt, who were responding to a call for assistance from a neighboring agency.

“Every year, dozens of law enforcement professionals from town marshals, city police, deputy sheriffs, state troopers and more answer their final call,” the department released. “Dozens of families will unknowingly say goodbye to their loved one for the last time. Unfortunately, The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is not exempt from this heartbreaking loss.”

Among the numerous events that occur during the week to honor the fallen, a special ceremony takes place where officers call out the names of the fallen officers from the previous year that are forever engraved on the Law Enforcement Memorial Wall.

“Every year on National Police Week, time seems to stop in Washington D.C., and the nation’s capital turns all of its focus on the men and women who serve their communities in law enforcement,” the department released. “Representatives from police agencies all across the United States and other countries attend this monumental event to honor those that gave their lives in the pursuit of protecting peace.”

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office released a statement of gratitude toward the community for its consistent and unwavering support for the department and the Deputies’ families from January 2022 through National Police Week in 2024 as well as for those who are currently taking on the responsibility of protecting the communities around the world.

“We also want to recognize and thank all the current local, state and federal law enforcement protecting the citizens of this great country on a daily basis,” the department released. “To each of you, stay safe.”

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