Center Township Launching Two New Programs

Center Township has partnered with Abilities Services, Inc. and Heather’s Flowers to launch a flower program called Birthday Bouquets. Through this partnership, Heather’s Flowers generously donates flowers to ASI’s clients, who then create beautiful floral arrangements. These arrangements are delivered to local nursing home residents at Aperion Care, Parkview, and Wesley Manor during their birthday month.

Trustee Kevin Evans stated about the program, “We are focusing on our seniors, in 2019, through our partnerships with the YMCA and Paul Phillippe. We want to give our seniors more opportunities through programming and recognition. We​ appreciate all of the value that they bring to our community. When it comes to this program, this is a way for us to provide some joy to those who are at Aperion Care, Parkview, or Wesley Manor.”

This program will begin April 1. Join us in giving “Bouquets to Make Their Day!” We are currently seeking donations of vases for this program. If you have vases to donate, please stop by the Center Township Trustee’s Office, located at 6 S. Main Street, to drop them off.

Center Township to Launch Employer Connect+

Center Township has four pillars for 2019. Center Township will be focused on Education, Workforce Development, Self-Improvement, and Community Involvement. Center Township is partnering with local industries to launch a direct hire network called “Employer Connect+,” which assists applicants who are unemployed or underemployed secure gainful employment.

Trustee Kevin Evans stated about the program, “We have about 500 people who come through our doors each year for numerous reasons. We should be striving to work with people on getting the skills or education needed to get the connected to an employer. Through our new Employer Connect+ program, we have a direct line to our local employers that gives our clients access to a position that will move them to independence and build their confidence in their abilities.” Center Township’s goal is to offer our applicants a hand up by helping them become confident, independent, and self-sustainable in the workforce. Since the implementation of this program, on March 4, 2019, the Township office has four clients who have connected with a new position. Examples of employers in the Employer Connect+ Network are local industries, hotels, restaurants, and local non-profits.

If you are a local business owner or business leader and would like to join the direct hire network, please contact Riley Spry, Director of Workforce and Rehabilitation at 765-357-9100 or

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