Clinton Central Building Renovation Project Getting Underway

The Clinton Central Board of Education has given the go-ahead to begin work on building renovations for the junior-senior high school and elementary school.

“The junior-senior high school needs some upgrades to make the building a little more functional for our students and staff and really engage increase the engagement of our students from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” said interim Superintendent Jeremy Fewell. “If the budget allows, we would like to accentuate the offering we have and the spaces we have for our after school and before school programs.”

This project is being made possible by re-issuing bonds from previous projects. The cost of the first phase will $12 million for construction and $14.3 million when the all the soft costs are added in.

Fewell added they are in the early planning stages and this project will be done in phases. Fewell said the major portions of the project include realigning office spaces and renovating the student commons, a new media center and a big upgrade to the multi-purpose room which is used both students and community members.

The biggest things this project has going for it is that no new expansion of the current buildings will be needed.

“With today’s construction costs. every time that you add space the costs are extreme,” said Fewell. “Being able to refurbish spaces and kind of reconfigure how we are using are spaces currently will allow us to meet the needs for the future.”

One item in particular will be the moving of the current superintendent’s office in the elementary school would be relocated to the high school.

“The main advantage in moving the superintendent’s office over to the high school is it frees up space for the elementary,” said Fewell. “As our enrollment grows, we will be able to build our early kindergarten program. We will able to have space for those students without having to add square footage down the line.”


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