City of Frankfort Announces County-Wide Programming for Upcoming Eclipse

The City of Frankfort is excited to announce their collaboration with individuals and organizations throughout Clinton County to share and promote all of the exciting events taking place in celebration of the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

With the release of the branding for this venture at the January 22, 2024 Board of Works meeting, Kimberly Black, City of Frankfort Community Development Director, is excited to help all communities in Clinton County get the word out about their many exciting concerts, events, and downtown focuses.

“The city will be providing a space on their website sharing and collaborating with all of Clinton County’s communities to communicate their upcoming eclipse events, encouraging community members to take part in a weekend-long celebration. We have been researching this upcoming phenomenon and seeing what other cities and communities are doing throughout the path of the Eclipse, and we believe our community has a unique opportunity to reap the reward of many tourists visiting Clinton County,” shared Black during a recent interview.

The list is already growing, including a Main Street shopping event, downtown movie night and concert at Prairie Creek Park, a variety of educational events at the Frankfort Community Public Library, and Kirklin Main Street hosting events as well. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to check out all of the info coming very soon!

The website landing page is currently under development, but as soon as it is available it will be announced and shared on the City of Frankfort and Prairie Creek Park Facebook pages as well as on the City of Frankfort app.