Clinton Central Referendum Questions Answered Plus Video

Jeremy Fewell is Clinton Central’s Superintendent and has given some answers to questions Clinton Central School district residents need to know about the referendum that is on the ballot. Election day is May 22nd, 2023.


Residents of Clinton Central district, CC needs your YES vote. Here are some answers to questions you may have.

Clinton Central needs a YES vote. It does NOT raise your taxes. It will maintain the referendum tax rate of 15 cents.

The operating referendum focuses on retaining and attracting teachers,managing class sizes,as well as funding academic programs and extracurricular programs.

If CC is NOT successful in renewing the referendum on May 2, CC school corp will be forced to
Reduce Staff or halt hiring of teachers and staff members,
Increase class sizes to account for staff changes
Reduce the breadth of academic offerings.
Halt all academic expansions.

You have to make the trip to Frankfort to voting centers to vote because since this is a city election this year there are no cites open in Kirklin or Michigantown.

Any additional questions can be addressed by contacting Superintendent Jeremy Fewell. He welcomes your calls or emails.
[email protected] or call (765) 670-1716

We at Clinton County Daily News do not tell anyone how they should vote. Listening to Jeremy Fewell explain the reasons Clinton Central residents should vote yes explains how important a YES vote is to the community.

Again, It does NOT raise your taxes. It keeps the prior referendum in place and allows Clinton Central to maintain a positive future for the Bulldog community.

Vote Center Locations, Dates, And Times
Clinton Central School Corp Flyer