Clinton County Health Department Wraps Up Summer of Pool Inspections

Clinton County Health Department Director Rodney Wann, right, and Environmental Health Safety Specialist Nash Smith due an inspection at Sapphire Bay.

As kids head back to school and the temperatures start to drop, the Clinton County Health Department is wrapping up another busy season of swimming pool inspections. Environmental health safety specialists have been conducting routine and unannounced inspections of public pools all summer long.

“These inspections help maintain a healthy and enjoyable aquatic experience for the community,” says Health Department Administrator Rodney Wann. “Strict adherence to safety protocols is essential to prevent waterborne illnesses and accidents.”

The Health Department inspects every public pool at least once a month while they’re operational. They will inspect them more often if they receive complaints. During an inspection the Health Department ensures all lifeguards are properly certified, the pool deck is in good condition, and all safety equipment like backboards, safety hooks, and buoys are in proper working order. It will also test the pool’s pH and chlorine levels, inspect the pool’s mechanical room, and offer the pools’ operators guidance on proper pool maintenance.

“Our partnership with pool operators is key to the success of a swimming pool,” Wann adds. “By working collaboratively, we minimize potential risks and ensure a secure environment for everybody.”

Inspection results are public record. Residents interested in pool inspection scores and pertinent information can contact the Clinton County Health Department at 765-659-6385.